Week ???

Time has lost all meaning at this point. I’m not really sure what’s going on anymore. I relied on school to structure my time management skills. Take that away and what little time management I had is now dust.

So that’s basically a long winded way to say I lost track of time and suddenly only had a few days to complete the last project. Which is pretty much the case for all of my classes.

Anyhow, I did enjoy this repurpose/rethink project. I pretty knew from the beginning what main material I wanted to use.

Glass Bottles

The main material were glass bottles found in my backyard, dug up from 15+ years of mud and leaves. There is a fun story behind these. When my older brothers were still kids, they use to go exploring in a small junk yard behind a house near ours (not neighbors, just a house we could get to through the woods). They collected these colorful glass bottles and kept them on the building material we had for our (never completed and now decaying) tree house. As we all grew older, we subsequently forgot about them. And now these forgotten bottles have found a new purpose.

It is worth noting that all materials used were found in and around my backyard. Originally, I was going to use some of the abandoned building material, but ran out of time. What I ended creating is basically a dangerous mobile. However, I still think it turned out okay. There was a lot of trial and error. But surprisingly, I only got cut once.

Breaking bottles
The bottle wouldn’t break
It broke.

The process started with breaking the bottles. I took what shards I liked, cleaned them, and left them to dry in the sun. I then took fishing wore borrowed from my brothers’ fishing rods and tied them to a square grid. I did want to paint the grid black but the spray paint I found in the garage broke halfway through, so I had to start over with another grid. Next I taped the glass shards to the fishing wire, because tying them was not working at all.

Glass shards drying.

The name of the piece is “Shattered Time”. The normality we knew is gone due to COVID-19. The same is true for how we perceive time. Everything use to be on a set schedule and everything was rushed, trying to save time so there was more time for other things. But now, time as we know it has… well, shattered. For a lot of people, time now has a different flow, a different meaning. Once all this is over, picking up the pieces and untangling the strings might be harder than people think.

Living in the woods has it upsides, but I would really love to have grass instead of moss, leaves, weeds, and thorns.


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