Week One

Going into this first week, I was pretty nervous. I hadn’t done anything ceramics wise for a year and half. I felt wildly unprepared for the first week. I couldn’t find my ceramic tools, and remembered little to nothing of what I learned in my first ceramics class. However, that did not seem to be a problem. After making a batch of stoneware, things started to flow back.

The first project of the semester is “Make it Work”. It’s a collaborative piece, which is nice. I had someone to help remind me how to “make stuff work”, (thank you Emma!) and it was especially nice to see another student’s style of work. At first, we were going to make a fairy garden, but as soon as the teacher let us loose, that was scrapped. Emma came up with idea we make a fruit bowl. I can’t throw worth anything at the moment, so the bowl is slab built. The fruit is sculpted, and they rattle. We also liked the idea of having random objects in the bowl, such as a table and some chairs.

I’m looking forward to what the rest of the semester holds. I’ve been sketching out ideas, re-teaching my hands how to clay works, and generally remembering how to art.


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