Week 2

This week was all about trying to make a mini table and a chair to go in the fruit bowl. I never realized how difficult it would be to make even legs for a table. And also to have them not break off when they dried (happened twice). Third time is hopefully a charm.

Other than the table and chair, the fruit and bowl are almost ready for the first round in the kilns. They need a few more days to dry out. But they are dry enough to hear them rattle when you shake them! It was the other Emma’s idea to turn the fruit into rattles, making it a much more unique piece. She also made the snail (who does not have a name yet) for our bowl.

This coming week I’ll be working on the next project. I’ll be making a rotating lantern, similar to the one in the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

(This table and chair broke after they dried all the way)

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