Week 3 & 4

I realize I forgot to post last week, so this week’s post is brought to you by forgetfulness and procrastination.

Week 3 can be summed up with two words: trial and error. It mostly consisted of trying to figure out how to make a ceramic candle holder rotate (and procrastinate throwing on the wheel). A lot harder than I thought it would be. With a few ideas from another classmate, I was able to come up with a rough blueprint. I made a rough mini version of it, and let it get bone dry then sanded it. To my suprise and giddy excitement, the idea worked! The whole peice is made up of four parts: the base, a dowel rod, a lipped saucer of sorts, and the cylinder. Well… actually 5 pieces if you count the candle.

When I said rough, I meant really really rough.

Week 4 can be summed up with 1 word: dread. I was very wary of trying to throw again. I was 2 years out if practice and stuggled even with practice. I spent most of the time on the wheel trying to remember how to throw a cylinder. After watching the Clay Bucket tutorial multiple times and some patient help from the teacher (shout out to Brian), I was able to throw a few roughly cylindrical pieces. If memory serves, I attempted to make cylinders 10-ish times, and kept 3 of my attempts. One cylinder was kept to test glaze on, and the other two got insects carved into them. I kinda screwed up the carvings on both cylinders. The trail for the bees is a bit smaller than I hoped. The dragonfly cylinder was just slightly too wet, so some of the carvings ripped. I also messed up the placement of the dragonflies. At this point I’m not even that upset, I’m just glad it looks nice.